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About Us

Who We Are

Dashboard ImageWe are an energy management firm dedicated to creating unique solutions for the wholesale, retail, and developing energy marketplace. Our team is best-in-class, our analytic chops are superior, and our knowledge base spans the entire Genscape family of companies. Our value and expertise outperforms anyone else in the industry. We are here for our client, motivated by providing increased market transparency to fuel your growth strategy.

GP Energy Management, a Genscape company, was founded in 2010 in order to help demystify the complex physical and financial energy commodity markets for all natural participants who need to focus on their core business, and want to leave the commodity markets to us.

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Upstream & Downstream Services

Front Office

  • Forecasting
  • Scheduling
  • Nominations
  • Portfolio Management
  • Optimization

Middle Office

  • Risk Reporting
  • Modeling
  • Credit Services

Back Office

  • Accounting
  • Settlements
  • Contract Administration

Regulatory Team

  • Compliance Reporting
  • Renewable Product
  • Management
  • Public Procurement Event Tracking
  • Tariff Research
  • Optimization

Our Team

Gabriel Phillips, Managing Director

After working for over five years at premier energy trading firm Sempra Energy Trading, in mid-2010, Gabe left to start GP Energy Management i...

Jonathan Spivak, Managing Director, Risk Management & Operations

Another veteran of Sempra Energy Trading, Jonathan joins the team with significant experience in financial services, having spent three years in cr...

Alexandre Baldassano, Managing Director, Regulatory & Renewable Energy Services

After three years at a premier environmental asset manager, Alex joins us with a wealth of experience from Natsource LLC. While at N...

James Gale, Director, Fuels

Jim is another veteran of Sempra Energy Trading, bringing over 10 years of natural gas experience to GP Energy Management. 


Dara Phillips, Vice President, Finance

Dara joined the GP Energy Management team in December 2014 and currently focuses on financial analysis and strategic solutions for GP's clients to ...

Joe Server, Director, Software Engineering

Joe joined the GP Energy Management technical team in September 2014 bringing more than 15 years as a software engineer to the group....

Andrew Gleason, Senior Portfolio Manager

Andrew Gleason joined the GP Energy Management team in February of 2012 as an Analyst....

Thai Nguyen, Senior Portfolio Manager

Thai joined GP in 2014 and splits his time between generator and retailer client portfolio management.  Thai works with generators to develop ...

Morgan Faller, Portfolio Manager

Morgan joined the GP Energy Management team as an analyst in July 2014....

Thomas Pagnotta, Portfolio Manager

Tom began his career as GP's first ever intern in May of 2011.  He returned each ensuing summer where he kept pace with the changing legal and...

Alan Southworth, Portfolio Manager

Alan joined the GP Energy Management team as an Analyst in April 2015 with a background in both energy and data science.  Since then, he has f...

Zoe Gaston, Senior Analyst

Zoë joined the GP Energy Management team as an Analyst in July 2015 after collaborating with GP on an Economics independent study her senior y...

Gianna Schiavone, Senior Analyst

Gianna joined the GP Energy Management team as an Analyst in August 2015.  Since then, she has focused on improving GP's financial projec...

Erin Horleman, Analyst

Erin joined the GP Energy Management team as an analyst in June 2016 after completing her master’s degree at The New School in NYC in May of 2016....

Evan Friedland, Analyst

Evan joined the GP Energy Management team as an analyst in August 2017 after completing his master's degree in Energy and Environmental Analysis at...

Justin Kotwicki, Analyst

Justin joined GP Energy Management as an analyst in November 2017 after graduating from Georgeto...

Cy McGeady, Senior Analyst

Cy joined the GP team as an Analyst in 2017....

Trevor Safko, Senior Analyst

Trevor joined the GP Energy Management team as an analyst in January of 2017 after earning his Ph.D....

Ray Quezada, Senior Software Engineer

Ray joined GP Energy Management in September 2015.  Ray began his career working at Rutgers University building web applications and data...

Anthony Collins, Software Engineer

Anthony joined GP Energy Management as a Software Engineer in September 2017.  He earned his bachelors from Johns Hopkins University and since...

Vedant Parikh, Software Engineer

Vedant joined GP Energy Management as Software Engineer in February 2017. He started his career while working at a startup company called Apcr...

Matthew Grant, Software Engineer

Matt joined the GP Energy Management team in January of 2017 as an intern.  He worked on adding invoice search functionality for multiple ISOs...

Deidre Carney, Office Manager & Administrator

Prior to joining GP Energy in April 2018, Deidre has worked as a department manager, Logistics Specialist, and Project Analyst supporting teams in ...

Jacob O'Donnell, Technology Contractor

Jacob joined GP Energy Management in July 2014 as a technical advisor....

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