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Gabriel Phillips, Managing Director

After working for over five years at premier energy trading firm Sempra Energy Trading, in mid-2010, Gabe left to start GP Energy Management in order to better serve the community of participants in all corners of the energy markets.

His experience at Sempra was diverse, consisting of time in operations, credit, and the West and East Coast Electricity Desks. Trading a portfolio of power and natural gas positions spanning every ISO territory in the continental United States, Gabe managed tolling deals for natural gas-fired and dual-fuel power plants, as well as physical and financial customer and speculative positions in various regions. He focused on reducing the costs and inefficiencies inherent in physical and customer business. Gabe held several positions at Sempra before his final position as a trader on the East Coast Term Power Desk.

Since starting GP Energy Management, Gabe has built and led a team of energy commodity experts focused on operational excellence, transparency, and delivering tangible results to clients. By negotiating unique transactions, improving process efficiency and accuracy through process evaluation and technology, and being cognizant of the intricacies associated with the anatomy of an energy transaction, Gabe and his team have been the catalysts that enabled the financing of countless power generation assets, providing electric and gas retailers the platform and security needed to grow in all deregulated markets. Through GP Energy Management, Gabe and has established a high touch, high impact service that demystifies complicated markets for all participants.

Gabe holds a B.S. in Engineering Mechanics with a concentration in Robotics from the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering.

Gabriel Phillips

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