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Staying Flexible: How Load Profiling Can Unlock Complex Rate Structures for Retail Supply

Load profiling, or distributing the variation in electrical demand/load over a specific time period, continues to play an important role in retail energy markets. For over a decade, utilities profiled metered monthly usage to bridge the gap between end user consumption and wholesale energy settlements.

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August 2018

New York Cybersecurity Insurance Deadline Approaches

On August 2, the New York Department of Public Service released the final submission deadlines for the Self-Attestation Form and Data Security Addendum (DSA). Both forms are the end result of an EDI provider's data breach that occurred in March 2018.

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Why Commercial and Industrial Energy Users Need to Get Creative

The GP Energy Management Team recently examined the energy procurement strategy of a large industrial company based in New York State. Our findings highlight exactly why these types of energy users need to consider new, more creative procurement strategies.

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May 2018


Never Fear, Retail M&A is Here

Power Gabriel Phillips, Managing Director
Power Lines in meadow

In the face of regulatory upheaval, margin pressures, and the challenges of a limited number of markets, retail M&A has been robust this year including attractive valuations for sellers and cost savings for acquirers. GP Energy Management believes that this should be very positive for retail energy provider sentiment and confidence.

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