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Power Lines

PJM established its Capacity Market in 2007 to ensure long-term electric grid reliability by providing an additional revenue stream for generators that are available to meet future peak energy demand. The Capacity Market construct, called the Reliability Pricing Model (RPM), has undergone changes throughout the years in order to keep incentives and outcomes aligned with the focus on reliability as market conditions and resource technologies have shifted.

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Solar and wind power

The federal Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) was passed in 1978 as way to diversify the country’s energy portfolio and allow renewable energy to compete with fossil fuels, especially in states with weak or no renewable mandates.

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January 2017


Making the Leap from Broker to Retailer

Power Christen Wall, Sales Director, Midwest Region
Power Lines

There are many reasons a broker might consider becoming a retail supplier. They may want transparency and control over the margins embedded in their customer’s retail energy contracts. They may want to offer longer-term contracts to customers allowing the firm to build long-term equity for in the business or even considering an exit strategy in the foreseeable future.

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