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GP Energy Management’s (“GP”) proprietary risk and analytics system provides users with a direct way to analyze their own data and when utilizing GP’s full suite of Energy Management Services, the dashboard provides a window into how GP is managing each aspect of your energy risk.  

Through the dashboard, users can stay updated on market prices, market-moving events, access a repository of historical public and their own proprietary data, compliance reporting deadlines, GP’s weekly regulatory updates and regulatory market summaries describing the rules of engagement in various gas, power and oil markets. All data accessible is normalized for easy graphical viewing and is downloadable into MS Excel.  


Business Intelligence

Access and analyze your own, proprietary data, from multiple data streams, in one easy platform alongside relevant market data.

  • Active customer counts, customer contract rates information and a proprietary Customer-Level Projections Report which provides a comprehensive, account-level forward looking usage forecast, monthly load shapes broken down by customer type, risk category and tradable products. This serves as the basis for all forward position reporting, cashflow modeling and financial projections.       
  • All ISO/LDC/Pipeline data
  • All trade data, counterparty exposure reports and position reports
  • Invoice search tool which allows for Excel and PDF downloads of all weekly and monthly ISO/Pipeline invoices
  • Forecast performance tracking via the hourly forecast performance report


Market Data & Analysis

Understand current, future and past market trends via ISO data sets and GP's forward marks database for power, gas and renewable energy credits (“RECs”)

  • ISO prices, load, and other market specific data
  • Current and historical forward marks for a wide range of power and gas points
  • Current and historical forward REC marks, inclusive of compliance percentages, and the all-in cost per MWhr of load served due to RPS obligations for each state
  • Utility load profiles and class averages for retail pricing purposes and historical tariff rates


Regulatory Information

Key information you need to know on the regulatory climate and a window into how GP manages Energy Management Services client compliance needs

Weekly regulatory update containing 10-15 current regulatory topics covered by the team at the Federal, State, ISO and pipeline level as well as one deep dive summary of a prescient topic in the power, gas, renewables or oil sectors of the energy industry

Regulatory focused market summaries describing the rules of engagement in various retail gas, power and heating oil markets as well as for E&Ps indexed by state including required regulatory approvals, potential local tax requirements, collateral obligations etc. -      

Searchable calendar containing utility default service load procurement RFPs, REC and renewables RFPs and other publicly disclosed and market-moving procurement efforts with all pertinent details

Exportable compliance calendar outlining all pertinent due dates of required retail energy provider compliance reporting for RPS, ISO, State, FERC, EIA and other obligations GP manages for its clients


Workflow Solutions

These are the tools GP has developed to enable efficient, scalable delivery of Energy Management Services.

  • Retail Pricing Model
  • Short and long term load forecasting
  • Scheduling and bid upload tools
  • Batch nomination tools
  • Deal capture and credit management systems


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