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Commercial/Industrial Services

C&I Client InfographicGP Energy Management provides commercial and industrial end users of power, gas and oil products with customized and independent energy management services designed to reduce supply costs and minimize risk. GP’s team specializes in supporting clients who participate directly in the wholesale power and gas markets or are looking to transition from retail to wholesale participation.


Portfolio and Risk Management Analysis of your exposure to market risk and develop a customized plan leveraging market opportunities to meet your unique risk profile and minimize cost.


Sustainable Energy PPA Origination and Structuring Access to all avenues of long-term renewable energy procurement including virtual PPAs, physical PPAs, energy or environmental attribute-only offtakes, or bundled transactions.


Forecasting, Scheduling and Nominations Short and long-term gas demand and electricity load forecasting, daily nominations and scheduling with all pipelines, utilities and ISOs.


Data Warehouse and Integration Secure centralized access to historical and proprietary data and customized reports through GP’s web-based dashboard for tracking aggregated publicly available data, historical costs and proprietary information.


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