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Oil & Gas Producer Services

GP Energy Management provides oil and gas producers with a broad range of services to manage daily market operations, maximize revenues, manage market risk, comply with regulations and support asset acquisitions and sales. Our clients whom serially make energy market exposed investments utilize our tools and team to ensure they are directing their resources wisely. Further, in our origination of off-take agreements gas, oil or NGLs, we help to drive down legal and transaction costs by project managing the entire documentation process from bid to closure. We find all avenues to sell your commodity, including looking at transportation and storage investments that might enhance the value of your production, and create a competitive environment where buyers are competing with each other to buy commodity from you.

Risk, Hedging and Portfolio Management develop customized hedging strategy to minimize volumetric and basis market risks, optimize assets and drive down costs.

Off-take Agreement Origination identify and introduce key purchasers in the market and actively participate and facilitate negotiations.

Risk and Exposure Reporting Services provide daily market-to-market value of hedges and expected production, monthly P&L reports and development of risk management and pricing strategies.

Historical/Forward Revenue Analysis forward revenue forecasts as well as historical analysis of costs associated with moving production to market for use in forecasting revenue.

Settlement Services provide monthly settlement verification for transactions and pipelines.

Data Warehouse and Integration secure centralized access to historical and proprietary data and customized reports through GP’s web-based dashboard for tracking aggregated publicly available data, historical costs and proprietary information.

Customized Reporting access to GP’s proprietary dashboard for client-specific data normalized for easy graphical viewing or in excel download.


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