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Retail Services

GP Energy Management provides its power and gas retailer clients a customized and independent suite of energy management services that address the full life cycle of the retailer’s business. There are many risks that we address in our client’s businesses in addition to just energy price risk such as cash flow risk, enterprise risk, regulatory and administrative risks. There’s a spectrum of involvement each of our clients have in managing these various risks alongside the GP team ranging from simply focusing their time on marketing while we take care of the rest, to actively energy managing their business while leveraging our team and platform for scheduling, data, analytics & back office support.

Customer Lifecycle

Customer Lifecycle Infographic

Preferred Supply Agreement (PSA) Origination Finding, negotiating and closing of a PSA, preparation of diligence materials (financial modeling, marketing and operations plans, risk policies), ensuring competitive commercial terms and project managing the deal documentation process decreasing time to closure and cost.

Forecasting and Scheduling Short and long-term gas demand and electricity load forecasting, daily nominations and scheduling with all pipelines, utilities, ISOs and counterparties.

Risk Management and Asset Optimization Dynamic position reporting, hedging and portfolio management.

REC Position and RPS Compliance Management Procurement, optimization and reporting.

Licensing and Regulatory Affairs New market entry and tracking of regulatory changes.

Market Expansion Headroom analysis, competitive landscape research and operational hurdles.

Asset Sales For risk management purposes, GP will package up a book of customer contracts and run a competitive process to sell them to other retailers, project manage the process and provide operational and regulatory support throughout the transition.


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